How To Help

How can I help?

  1. Attend a meeting.
  2. Post a sign in your yard.
  3. Tell friends and neighbors about this issue.
  4. Report landfill odor every time you smell it, wherever you are.
  5. Visit the About page to join us or email
  6. Write a letter to the editor.

When you write a letter to the editor, use language from the Northville Public Schools resolution, the Northville Twp. resolution or the Stop Arbor Hills petition if you can’t think of what to say.

Where is the proposed new dump?

On the corner of Napier and 6 Mile roads, where Advanced Disposal currently operates a composting facility. It’s across the street from Arbor Hills Landfill on the north side of 6 Mile Road. Advanced has been buying enough property to indicate their intention to extend the new dump from 6 to 7 Mile roads.



Does the odor only affect Salem Township?

No. This odor issue affects Plymouth, Novi, Salem, South Lyon, Lyon Twp., Northville Twp. and beyond.  However, without a regional odor study, we just do not know.  We only rely on our noses.

What are the goals of your grassroots group?

  1. Stop the new dump from happening.
  2. Reduce odors.
  3. Reduce traffic issues.

Why do some people claim they don’t smell the odor?

The human population has a wide range of olfactory capability, just like our sense of sight and sense of touch. Some people are more sensitive to inputs and others are not. The odor problem is quite subjective based on the individual.

There is what scientists call odor fatigue, where people simply get used to the smell and it stops bothering them.

From the wiki page above:

Olfactory fatigue, also known as odor fatigue or olfactory adaptation, is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odor after a prolonged exposure to that airborne compound. For example, when entering a restaurant initially the odor of food is often perceived as being very strong, but after time the awareness of the odor normally fades to the point where the smell is not perceptible or is much weaker. After leaving the area of high odor, the sensitivity is restored with time. Perfume counters will often have containers of coffee beans which tend to “reset” olfaction. Anosmia is the permanent loss of the sense of smell, and is different from olfactory fatigue.

Also depending on wind direction and your proximity to the odor producers, you might smell different things.  The odor will shift and skip neighborhoods and houses.

2 thoughts on “How To Help”

  1. How about a map?

    The image on your petition is not enough to place the site plans in context. There are no roads notated. Buried in website text is mention that the new mountain of garbage is planned to go where the composting facility is now (or was). That wouldn’t mean anything to me if I didn’t use six mile road to get to Northville.

    Make it easy on your constituency. Give them a map and put it or a reduced image front and center on your elegant website. Yeah, it’s ugly but that’s the point.

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