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  1. I have lived in Novi( 10/Meadowbrook) since 1999. It’s interesting this landfill has been in operation since 1991. Around 2000-2005 all the wealthy subdivisions started being built around 6 mile/Ridge area. Now all of a sudden this is a public health crisis.

    The crisis is why Pulte, Toll Brothers, plant sprawl subs right next to a dump. And now you cry wolf? Cmon. The developers should know better than to build next to dump less than 10 yrs old(most landfills run for 50 yrs) and the residents should know better than to buy these houses and expect it to go away.

    The landfill was there long before you were…

  2. I agree. Same story applies with many other local projects. Just like Mettital Airport on Joy Rd – it was there for decades and then condos were approved and built in the flight path of small airplanes. Suddenly it’s a problem. The only problem was the GREEDY developers and people / sheeple willing to move in without doing their due diligence. Airport being there for decades trumps new homeowners rights to complain!

  3. To your second paragraph… the developers don’t give a shit. They level land, slap 100s of identical houses in place., and people show up in droves to buy them. Perhaps these owners should focus energy against the developers that caused this. There is no hiding it, when driving into these subs, that there is a landfill. For the most part, you can see it driving through the sub.. Buyers should have done their due diligence…

    To the other point, while much of the operation of the landfill does date back to 1991, the site has been a landfill since the 70s.. Long before anyone dreamed of putting a sub within 10 miles of there..

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