Michigan Landfills

Michigan is home to more than 100 waste disposal facilities, including landfills, incinerators and waste-processing facilities.

Solid waste landfilled fiscal year 2015

Below is a map of landfills in Michigan.

How to use the map:

If you would like to see information on the landfills, click on a corresponding landfill point/dot on the map.

NOTE: If the points/dots lie on top of one another or are close to each other, zoom in so that they are separated before clicking on one of them to ensure you are getting the information you intended to receive.

Each landfill website will have the following information, if there is anything available:

Basic Waste Data System information
Facility address
Announcements (If any)
Current construction permit
Current license
Any other pertinent information
Direct link to the landfill’s information in WDS
Lists of solid waste landfills and other disposal sites from WDS

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