Washtenaw Co. says no new or expanded landfill

Washtenaw County announced on Feb. 8 that it will not include a new or expanded landfill in its solid waste plan update. Watch video clip above.

“Although I know that the conversations and terminology of the committee and its consultant can sometimes be confusing and troubling if misunderstood, please be assured that the current draft of the updated Solid Waste Management Plan for Washtenaw County does NOT allow for the expansion of an existing landfill OR construction of a new landfill within our county. Period,” said Bryan Weinert, chair of the Washtenaw County Solid Waste Management Planning Committee.

This committee was tasked with updating Washtenaw County’s solid waste plan that is about 20 years old. Part of that process includes identifying what types of solid waste disposal facilities are allowed in the county, including landfills.

The committee has confirmed they will have a draft plan prepared following their March 8 meeting. The solid waste planning process has taken more than a year so far and it still needs to go through a 90-day public comment period, community and board of commission approvals before it can be presented to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for final review and approval.

About 40 Northville and Salem township residents attended the Feb. 8 meeting, along with many children. Read the letter and SWOT analysis written Tanvi Doshi, a Northville High School freshman.  Her mom read an excerpt and presented it to the committee.

Watch the full meeting video. Public comment is at the beginning and end.