Sign the Stop Arbor Hills petition to prevent Washtenaw County from placing a new landfill in the heart of a residential area.

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  1. STOP the landfill expansion. It will make the life of thousand’s of families miserable.

  2. The landfill is a major source of pollution and odor affecting eastern Washtenaw, southern Oakland and western Wayne counties. Its gas-to-energy plant has received violations for releasing sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide into our community’s air.

  3. I live at Stone water. As I drive out of my community in the morning I smell the landfill closeby. When I drop my children to school at Ridgewood — the smell is awful somedays. This landfill problem needs to be solved. We should remove the landfill that is there and definitely NO for an expansion. Northville is a premium neighborhood and many people have decided to move away and buy properties elsewhere because of the landfill. There are chemicals that can absorb into the ground and contaminate our water and lakes. NO NO NO TO EXPANSION OF LANDFILL. We need the current landfill actually REVERSED IF POSSIBLE.

  4. If the expension gets approved, it will ruin the whole area. Very SAD! Stop the landfill expension!!

  5. Try to Come up with a plan to alleviate the pollution and odor with the existing landfill instead of Expanding it! STOP the landfill expansion.

  6. Stop the Arbor Hills landfill expansion. It severely affects community health and this needs to be stopped.

  7. Stop the landfill please…we are in the neighborhood from last 12 years and waiting to get this closed

  8. Please stop the landfill and don’t turn this into another Flint. Thousands of families living around it and we don’t want water and air quality to be polluted. Who in the world will pick a trash from Canada and dump in the landfill in Salem City where thousands of American families are at risk living around it.

  9. I live in a sub-division near to this landfill. It creates very bad odor and affect the health of our community. Therefore, please stop the Arbor Hills landfill expansion and would appreciate if can relocate the existing.

  10. This needs to be stopped. We are tired of pollution and possibly health issues. We say NO MORE.

  11. Northville is a very intensive residential area, The landfill creates awful oder and air pollution, also contaminate the water. All above affect our life quality and bad for our health. Stop Arbor Hills landfill expension!

  12. Although we are not directly impacted by the landfill (we live near Haggerty & 6) I find it interesting that Washtenaw Country is willing to approve something like this that is as far away from “their” population center and voters as possible. I wonder what would happen if the dump was closer to Ann Arbor or on the Western side of it. Shame on the Solid Waste Planning Committee and more importantly the Washtenaw County Government Officials who seemingly support it.

  13. I live on Napier and 9 mile in Lyon Twp. I am off the road by a good half mile and can here these garbage trucks flying down the dirt road, in the winter, with all my windows closed.
    In the summer you have to drive Napier between 5-10 mph. due to the ruts these trucks leave. It is like being on a boat in rough water, up and down, up and down.
    I used to need to drive Napier from 9 mile to Joy Rd. and I would get 3-4 flat tires a year going by the dump. Sure I could go Beck in the a.m., but that would add 10-15 minutes to the drive each way. Also, why should everyone have to do that? We pay for the road, we should be able to drive on it. In addition these trucks are not supposed to exit from I 96 at Wixom Rd. and drive Napier down to Six Mile Rd. anyway! I have lived here for 14 years and they have been driving the same route the entire time.
    And the smell when you go buy is as bad as a skunk.
    They need to close up shop and be done. They have been bad neighbors since day one and they need to go.

  14. Just one more thought. If Washtenaw votes to expand this I think we should consider tacking some of this to their door step. I mean dump it right there!

  15. I will be speaking at today’s meeting, to provide the perspective from the school district. I stand firmly opposed to any expansion.

    Matthew J. Wilk
    Northville Board of Education

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