Requesting public information

Here is a sample letter using the Freedom of Information Act. If you email your request, please CC or BCC so we’re aware of your request and don’t duplicate efforts.
Freedom of Information Act Request Letter

Agency Head
Name of Agency
Address of Agency
City, State, Zip Code


Re: Freedom of Information Act Request

Dear ______________:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

I request that a copy of documents or correspondence containing information about [list what type of information you want; don’t be too specific but be aware they can charge you  printing fees] be provided to me: [identify the documents or information as specifically as possible; don’t specify “documents” if you’d also like to see correspondence such as emails].

Thank you for your consideration of this request.


City, State, Zip Code
Telephone number [Optional]

National Freedom Of Information Coalition — Get more FOIA templates and information.

  • To FOIA the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, contact Ralph DuMont at 517-780-7924.
  •  To FOIA Northville Twp., email Katie Anderson at Include the term “FOIA” in the subject line.
  •  To FOIA Washtenaw County, complete their online form.

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