Arbor Hills Landfill has received many violations from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Learn more

EPA consent order

On May 4, 2017, the EPA entered an administrative consent order with Advanced Disposal Services for violations of the Clean Air Act at Arbor Hills Landfill.

EPA violations

On Sept. 29, 2016 the Environmental Protection Agency issued violations to three companies that operate at Arbor Hills Landfill.

  • Violation – BFI Waste Systems of North America (Republic Services) Note this company no longer operates at Arbor Hills.
  • Violation – Arbor Hills Energy (Fortistar Methane Group)
  • Violation – Advanced Disposal, owner-operator of Arbor Hills Landfill

The EPA conducted ambient air sampling and surface monitoring that resulted in the violations for violating the Clean Air Act.

“We’re somewhat taking over,” said Kenneth Ruffatto, an EPA environmental engineer who oversees Arbor Hills.

He said the EPA has been working closely with the MDEQ and will continue to do so. The EPA is keeping logs of odor complaints submitted to the MDEQ. Ruffatto said it’s important to specify the type of odor you smell, if possible, when you submit odor complaints to the MDEQ because it helps identify the source.

He said neighbors should smell garbage occasionally but the odors Arbor Hills Landfill has been emitting for the last year and a half are unacceptable and the EPA is working with Advanced Disposal, BFI-Republic Services and Fortistar Methane Group-Arbor Hills Energy to remedy the issue. Update: As of February 2017, BFI is no longer involved at Arbor Hills Landfill.

EPA monitoring reports
Inspection report – Feb. 16, 2016
Air monitoring – Feb. 16-17, 2016
Final inspection report – May 27, 2016

MDEQ violations

The MDEQ’s Air Quality Division logged 450 odor complaints in 2016.

Violation responses, documentation

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